By Teasel


It’s the 1st of May – how did that happen?  Just when I thought my neck was getting better, I had to get up early because I was so uncomfortable.  How frustrating.  It did ease off a bit over the course of the day – but clearly something had gone wrong again over night.  I was tired, but read some of my book, then eventually got round to making pancakes for BB – a breakfast treat – which went down very well.  I then made some chocolate crispies using the remains of a packet of rice crispies which BB has got fed up of.  He’s much more taken with them when they are coated in chocolate!  There were more chorea and washing – and BB was helping at minis – with a tournament this morning. 
I have been on call for work today, which is a bit of a bind, as I needed to be near my laptop.  I didn’t get any calls, but it is always hanging over you.  I was supposed to meet up with a couple of friends this afternoon, but covid put paid to that.  I eventually headed out for a late afternoon walk.  It was so grey again, just really dull with low light.  My route wasn’t very inspiring, but was pleasant enough and I barely met a soul.  I had left BB studying and TT marking.  BB's football was cancelled as the opposition couldn't get a team together.
I was on tea when I got back, a random recipe I had found on the internet involving salmon, leeks and potatoes – it was really nice, really easy and I will make it again.
Later I booked some train tickets for a couple of trips – something to look forward to, and then I started watching Life After Life.
A grey day for blips, but here is a bit of the river which I don’t think I have blipped before.

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