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By HeidiAndDolly

Camping In The Forest

I landed back from Boston this morning and look where I ended up by this evening! It’s a holiday weekend in England and my friend had asked me if I wanted to join her camping, but initially I said I couldn’t because I was flying, with only one day off in between trips. But then I realised that the timings would still allow me to go as the campsite is only an hour away and I don’t have to be at work until late afternoon on Tuesday. My friend had already arrived yesterday and will leave tomorrow and I will be able to stay until Tuesday morning.

I had Alfie the Campervan almost completely ready to go before I left for Boston, so when I got home I just showered, changed clothes and put last minute things in the van. By mid-afternoon I was with my friend in this lovely forest setting.

This is the Savernake Forest just outside Marlborough in Wiltshire. After getting settled and having a late afternoon cup of tea, we went for a short walk through the forest. Look how beautiful it is! Then it was a cosy dinner inside my friend’s caravan. This is the first camping trip for the season for both of us. I’m excited about a few more adventures this year!

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