By carliewired

Schubert Drive - South End

I am surprised each
day by what I find in my
city neighbourhood

~ carliewired

I was wandering around the house in the dark of the wee hours. Put myself back to bed by 5, leaving a disjointed morning and a late start. I left the driveway in my little red bomber at 8 AM. It's another grey, lack-lustre day! 

I drove down to the end of Schubert Drive and parked beside the Rivers Trail. I scrambled down the bank to the river's edge. I barely caught a Western Tanager browsing in the shrubs. He moved too fast for me. There are just the smallest strands of sandbars left. I looked across the North Thompson River to my mountains. There's snow again on the very top ridges around the city. Very unseasonable!! I looked across the confluence to the downtown noting the very quiet Riverside Park and the layers of housing in the city's old West End. A pair of mallards were just waking up. I got a couple of shots of what I call 'river art' - remnants of trees that have found themselves beached on the river bed. As I walked back to the car, I found star-flowered false Solomon's seal close to the ground. It was growing thick along the pathways. I discovered a honeysuckle in bloom. I suspect it's gone wild from a nearby garden. I also found another flowering crabapple, like the one at the north end of the drive. It's gangly branches and large white blossoms were entangled with other native shrubs. These flowering plants sit in a well-protected, but sunny spot along the river.

I picked my way back up the bank to the Rivers Trail, leaving my quilted heart on a bench there. 

I'm home getting myself organized to head out of town with a friend tomorrow morning. We've booked ourselves an easy quilting class and are looking forward to spending a lazy day together. It's been a long time since we could do that. 

The forecast is for a cloudy day with a chance of showers and a high of 15 C. I'm seeing some sunshine peeking through as I work on my blip so perhaps the weatherman is in error. 

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