By pensionspoet


Mollie re-did the string around these glass balls, which used to hang on my summerhouse until the string rotted. They still need finishing off, but I was impressed. The things you can learn from a YouTube video.

We both woke very late, having sat up through the Eurovision song contest voting, to the bitter nail-biting end. An excellent result at long last for the UK entry. Considering it was almost a given that Ukraine were to win, we must be proud with 2nd place.

I'm not really sure what I did today. After the Archers I went to the allotment but didn't stay long. Back home I dug over, weeded and raked my small garden veh patch, then pricked out my hollyhock seedlings before it started raining and that stopped me from any more outside jobs. The boys got home about 3pm laden with motorcycle goodies. Henry is yet to pass his test, but bought a nice jacket. Mollie had made a lasagne for dinner which we had when Dan got here.

Feeling tired after the late night, so it has just been tv this evening.

Why is the weekend so short? Not looking forward to work tomorrow but it has to be done...for another 3 and a half years.... :-(

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