By pensionspoet

Lovely sky

I managed to get up a bit earlier today, so we got a good circular walk round the village, before getting back home by 7.30 for breakfast before work. It was a lovely morning, and lovely to be out in it early.

A very busy work day where I felt I was chasing my tail, without really achieving what I wanted to. At least it made the day move quickly, and I even managed coffee in the French Quarter, with Jon.

Finished early at 4.30 as I had an appointment with the nurse to review my hrt since I have reduced it, and focused on extra exercise and no sugar diet. Combined with a more positive frame of mind (yes, really!) She thinks I am like a different person from the one 2 months ago who sat and cried in her room, totally despondent and feeling like everything in life was too much effort. I feel loads better and am glad it shows. We agreed I am going to stay on the reduced dose hrt for now, and keep up the walking and healthy eating.

We were back to yoga tonight which was great. Relaxing but my body was very stiff - surprisingly so considering it has only been 2 weeks.

Mollie had cooked dinner and now we are catching up with the final of the Great Big miniature challenge final which I missed Sunday! It makes me want to make tiny things! Oh, I already do...

Beautiful Norfolk sky on our way home from yoga, I just had to stop and take a pic!

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