By pensionspoet

Cromer's jubilee poppies

At lunchtime today I popped into Cromer at lunchtime to post a small parcel. I parked at Morrison's and walked down into the town to get some steps in! Then I picked up 2 packets of seeds (cress for Mollie and spinach for me) for £1.50 and paracetamol. I walked in and out of a few shops then back up to Morrison's where I couldn't resist some cranberry and seedy bread for lunch. On the drive back I popped into Homebase in search of a chilli plant. None of my chilli seeds have grown. They had 2 plants left - not enormous, but I bout one of them. Reluctantly I paid £4.45 for this plant, but to balance it out, I bought 2 reduced tomato plants that were just 50p each. One is yellow toms and one blue/black tomatoes. Hopefully they will grow. I planted them in the greenhouse after work.

Jon cooked dinner. I had worked late and had a head a lot of the day. A walk to the allotment and now some tv. Tissues are needed for the Long Lost Family born without a trace. I do love it, but it makes me cry and I want them to have happy endings, which doesn't always happen.

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