Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Today I headed to the Metrocentre.  It wasn't very busy.  I shopped for toiletries in Boots and Superdrug.  Got food in Marks and Spencers ( including a free bag of Percy Pig sweets - which I will give to Neil ) Last stop was Wilkinsons to get cat food and bird food.  I was heavy laden by the time I got the bus home.

Took my blip shot in the Metrocentre.  The Wide Wednesday theme is Flower/Plant/Tree.  So Ive blipped this very cheerful pink corner complete with a tree and a telephone box adorned with flowers. Thanks to BobsBlips for hosting.

A couple of parcels had been delivered while I was out.  One of them contained three rhododendron bushes which I had ordered online.  Unpacked those, put them outside and watered them.  I will put them in bigger pots when I get the chance.  They seem to be in good condition so hopefully they will thrive.

Family news - another new arrival.  My nephew and his partner have welcomed their 4th child - a little girl called Ivy.  Ive seen photos on Facebook and she's gorgeous.  A 7th grandchild for my brother and sister in law.  They flew out to Australia just before Ivy was born so it will be a while before they see her.  But they will see their baby grandson Hunter in Australia who they haven't met before.

Steps today - 7,422

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