Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Twitchy Twenty

Out on the deck first thing this morning, dog at my side and tea in hand.  And camera in hand also.  I was tracking the bluebirds who were busy defending the nest and bringing in food.  I even managed a couple of nice shots with both of them in the frame (Extra if you are interested).

And then, out of the corner of my eye, I caught motion - swung the lens around and there he/she was!  This is an Eastern Wood Pewee, a small flycatcher in the Tyrant family.  They breed throughout the eastern US in the summer and spend winters in the tropics.  They aren't the fanciest of birds, but I love seeing them.  They can be readily differentiated from the many other small, plain flycatchers by their bi-colored bill.  

I took this with the 300 lens before switching it out for the 500.  I managed some good images with the longer lens today, handheld.  I think it will serve me very well in Texas next week.  

And speaking of Texas, Osuzanna and I had a brief phone call to talk about gear and how much we think we can squeeze into the overhead bins on the planes.  The most stressful part of these trips is getting your bag with all the camera gear onboard with you.  We are all bringing 3 lenses (prime, zoom and macro) plus two camera bodies.  Tripods can go in the checked luggage.  It seems a lot of gear for 3 days of shooting, but I know if I don't bring all 3 lenses, I'll regret it!

Jax and I are going to obedience class solo tonight as Hubs has to get all his racing gear packed and into the RV, which he's taking to the track.  He'll be leaving by 7 tomorrow so everything has to be done tonight.  

Oh, and I saw that beautiful scarlet tanager that I blipped the other day in the serviceberry tree again!  I've also head him singing so I am guessing he has a nest somewhere back in the woods.  Hopefully I will see the female one of these days as they are beautiful in their own right.

Dark with mint today, I think.  


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