WGH Architecture

TT had to go into work today, so headed off early.  I slept a  bit later.  When I did get up I didn’t know what day of the week it was nor what I was supposed to be doing.  I did a few chores, including changing BB’s bed, as there is nothing nicer than a fresh newly made bed.   I then went out for a wee walk in the sunshine and wind, just in case we ended up being stuck in the hospital for hours again.
I had to phone the hospital late morning and got the good news that BB could come home.  I sorted myself out, called TT,  and headed into Edinburgh.  We planned to meet at the hospital.  Amazingly I got there before him, so had a wee wander until he arrived.  When we got to the ward TT was dressed but was still lying in bed.  He’s not allowed a shower until tomorrow.  The nurse I spoke to on the phone had given me the run down on changing his dressing tomorrow.  TT went off for a chat with the nurse, who confirmed that his goody bag was ready and we could take him home.  We left his roommates.  He had two new ones today, who had arrived since we left last night, and one who has been there all the time and is due to be there until Saturday.
BB has taken up residence on the sofa – no change there then - but it's great to have him home.  He just needs to get well now.  I have put my Florence Nightingale uniform on and am attending to his every whim.  Later in the afternoon I popped out for some nice snacks and fruit for him.  His appetite seems undiminished!
A friend who is up in the area for a few days came round in the evening and we had a takeaway for tea.  BB also had some, but he remained  on the sofa.  It was lovely to catch up.
We three were all rather weary and there were early nights all round.  BB was struggling to get comfortable, and wanted me to sit with him for a while.  He soon closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep – no doubt helped by the painkillers.
Here’s another bit of WGH architecture, spotted on my wander while waiting on TT.  BB was not in this building.  It's quite a contrast to the clock tower.  Google tells me it is the Nuffield Transplantation  Surgery Unit.  Further googling tells me that this architect also designed a building not far from where we live.  You learn something new every day.

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