By AnneILM60

A star filled day

Up and at it early today. When I went outside to feed MiniMe and take my morning photo, the heat index was already 90°F/32°C! A good day to be staying inside.

Set up Netflix and got to beading! Finished all the red & green stars I needed. 50!

I ribbon on all of them so they can be hung and then put them each in small drawstring bags. I put a name tag on each of the bags. (Main picture)

Now I’m working on 9 custom colour stars that I need to do to finish this Christmas project. (Inset picture)

5 of these custom colour stars are for the grandkids. They will each get a star done in their favourite colour. This will be their ornament from me this year.

The only break I took from working on all this was when I ate lunch and when I took care of Troy.

Happy Hump Day

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