It's been a hectic day today.
Coffee morning at school followed by coffee with the lovely Zann - and a smile put on my face by the beautiful tulips she surprised me with.
Then it was home to a bit of housework and a bit of form filling before going to collect the Little Misses.
The evening has mostly consisted of shouting, screaming and foot stamping.
Miss E was banished to her room at 6.30pm and - for the first time ever - told she was staying there until morning.
This unleashed more shouting, screaming and foot stamping.
And wheedling, begging, apologising and pleading.
Followed by more shouting, crying, screaming and foot stamping.....
You get the idea!
She was asleep by 7pm in her school uniform.
The crying and shouting just makes me cross, the pleading and promising to be good and begging for one more chance breaks my heart.
Hopefully she'll have seen the error of her ways in the morning and transformed herself into a rational, reasonable, well-balanced member of the household.
Or then again......

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