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No photography allowed

I saw the notice after I took the photo! (Honestly.)

After last night's drama with Jenny, we had our own today. Mum had terrible pain in her right knee and could not put weight on it.  She had a fall 4 weeks ago and has walked awkwardly since, but the pain was new.

I took her to Hexham General and she was seen in the Urgent Care Department. It was quite quiet, but there was still a wait before she was seen and sent to xray. Then things moved quickly.

There was no fracture in the knee or the femur or the pelvis. The doctor was excellent and took time to explain it all. Mum's right knee is an arthritic mess. Many years ago she had surgery to remove the cartilage - in the days when the knee was opened and both menisci removed. Now the bones have no space in between and it's amazing she has not had more trouble.

So, it's analgesics and gentle exercise.

Here she is putting on a brave face.

I spoke to Jenny this afternoon. She has a fracture of one of her pubic bones, not her femur as reported yesterday. She has been up using a Zimmer frame and will be transferred to Hexham tomorrow. We had a hub and spoke system from our main accident unit in Cramlington (miles away).

Julie and I went out for a meal in Humshaugh tonight. Unfortunately she had not read my text fully and turned up at a different pub (where we had originally intended to go). I enjoyed a large G & T while I waited and then found out where she was.

Our pub was full and the food was good. It was an enjoyable evening.

Now all I need to do is make sure that Mum is pain free for bedtime.....

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