Dolly's Day

By dollydoug

OPTICAL ILLUSION - Old Couple or Musician

First match of the season today - a home game for Newcastle against  Nottingham Forest. I sorted out a bus to get me to town in time and had just left the house to catch it when my neighbour Debs shouted over to ask me if I wanted a lift.  She had her partner Ed in the car - he was also going to the match.  And Debs was going to do some shopping.  So off we went together.  Had a nice catch up on the way.  Debs dropped me and Ed off near the railway station.  Ed went off to meet up with his pals for a pint - or two..

As I was in town earlier than expected I had a bit of time to kill so I mooched around in a few charity shops.  I saw this framed picture in one of them.  I can assure you I didn't buy it.  I think its horrible.  But I suppose its quite clever the way a Mexican man and woman have been incorporated into the drawing to make an optical illusion. But I can't think of who would want to buy it.  Anyway I left it in the shop  - but it seemed like a good blip for Silly Saturday in memory of admirer. Thanks to davidc for hosting today.

After posting my blip I began to wonder if this picture was a well known one so I Googled ..... to find that its a famous painting by Salvadore Dali and  is called   “ Old couple or musician ".  Dali was known for his love of painting optical illusions and this is perhaps his most well known.

Followed my usual route to the football ground.  Great atmosphere  in and around the stadium.  The attendance was around 52,000.  I've added a collage showing two of the large flags on display before kick off. One shows local landmarks and the other says " Its a New Day, Its a New Life for NUFC and We're Feeling Good ".  The third shot is of some of the team - the chap in yellow is our brand new 6' 3" goalkeeper NIck Pope.

It was a really good match .  Newcastle played well - especially in the second half.  Schar scored after 58 mins and 20 mins later Fraser scored a second goal for The Toon.  Final score Newcastle 2 Notts Forest 0. 

Did a bit of shopping after the match and by the time I caught a bus home there weren't too many in the bus queue so I got a seat with no trouble.

I have added another Extra of the lovely sunrise this morning - spotted out of my front window at 5.40am.   The weather today has been really lovely - quite hot at times with lots of sunshine. 

Steps today - 10,123

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