By pensionspoet


I had an appointment at the opticians at 9.45am so no need to rush about this morning. I am getting 3 pairs of glasses - two identical pairs to replace my computer glasses, plus a very cheap reading only pair. In total with the test £192. My barclaycard to the rescue as pay day is 8 days away.

Then I drove over to Coltishall, the the Guide activity centre which we just call 'Hautbois' (pronounced hobbiss if you aren't aware). I was made very welcome by the Linton and Brinkley guides. I can't believe 8 years has passed since I last helped with them all back in Linton. We had such fun on a Wednesday evenings, at camps, plus our outdoor cooking evenings were legendary.

So I arrived about midday to find the guides camping in these amazing shepherd's huts! It was a relaxing day, in the searing heat. I was super excited to receive my own party bag from Toni-Ann. I caught up with Helen and Sarah, and followed them around to a few of their activities - opting to take photos at the zip wire, rather than take part. Managed to 'earn' a lovely badge by answering a few questions on the royals and girl guiding. With another in my 'goodie bag' I will be straight on to some sewing them both on to my camp blanket.

The group headed off to their last nights camp fire and Jon and I went home (Jon joined us after worked for a few hours). It has been a lovely way to spend my day off. I have kept on with the antibiotics today and I think perhaps I have felt a bit better. I want to feel better, so am willing them to be the answer. Today I had something else to focus on.

Mollie had cooked dinner and it was in the oven waiting for us. Now blip and bed. Thank you to the lovely Linton and Brinkley Guides for having me today, and for a proper Guides day...and for my goodie bag!! :-)

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