Kaybees Bits

By Kaybee

Following On From Yesterday.

I don't think it is the same Dandelion seed, but Hey Ho! ..... I liked it with the purple Honesty.

At the back of 9am I was picked up by the local odd job man who has recently taken up wood turning and we headed off to a staircase & handrail manufacturer in Fife. Every couple of weeks they sell off offcuts from the factory.
I bought a couple of sacks of 'pot-luck' at £7 each - a veritable bargain I have to say - plus some rather nice (and unusual) bowl blanks. When the guy found out I was a first time visitor he threw in 3 more blanks for free.
So I ended up with 3 sacks for £30. 
That was definitely a WIN!.
The only downside was John's driving ..... Jeez - he wanders about the road without really being aware of other traffic.
But I survived and now have to think of designs to make the most of these expensive bits of wood.   LOL

SWMBO spent about half the day in bed again but is now feeling a bit better and looking forward to Tuesday when we are supposed to be getting thunder storms. I will believe it when it happens.

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