By hazelh

Kev Sutherland takes a bow

We are HUGE fans of the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre and rarely miss a chance to see them. Today they played their last show of the Fringe for 2022, so we made sure that we were in the audience - in the front row, of course. Afterwards we met Kev the puppet master (blipped) for a drink in the garden area next to the venue in Bristo Square.

We are still catching up with ourselves after the departure of our guests on Thursday, so I spent much of this morning at my computer checking work email, and planning for the coming weeks. Mr hazelh and I are also debating a possible major purchase. It looks like we will probably go ahead with this. Watch this space to find out more!

Extra: a frog made an appearance on the patio while Mr hazelh was watering the back garden this evening.

Exercise today: walking (~12,000 steps).

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