A wet and overcast morning.  Distinctly gloomy.  As is usual at the moment I wasn’t in the mood to do anything and there wasn’t anything urgent to do anyway so I footered around folding laundry and putting it away, plucking my eyebrows and finding similar time fillers.  A break in the rain sent me into the garden where I photographed a wet geranium, almost the only flower still in bloom.  There are a couple of things still to bloom but today wasn’t encouraging them. Some of the filters I ordered arrived so both my new lenses are now protected thank goodness.  Later in the day I went up to Birnie as I felt I needed at least to have a walk.  Rain was tipping it down,  water all over the roads and at Birnie even the ducks had given up.  Saw some bits of nibbled fungi so I must have a look in Heatherhall woods soon.  Today I was just glad I’d taken a blip first thing in the morning. Tomorrow my new slippers are arriving so that’s my blip sorted if it’s another day like today.

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