Capital adventures

By marchmont

S**t Day

I was up early to get to the dentist for 9.15, clean and implant review.  Next one of these will be March 2025!

Walked to JL but when I came out the St James Quarter it was pouring.  I got wet walking to Princes Street for a bus and I got wetter walking up the road to the house.  Very very wet.

Decided to do something I have not done for years, just slob out and binge watch Netflix, listening to the rain and cuddling a soggy Willow.

Then caught up with the Balmoral news halfway through the afternoon. It seems like a seismic shift is about to happen, just when we thought it couldn't get any worse.  I feel very sad. Operation Unicorn is underway.

Tonight the joiner comes.  Meanwhile back to sad eps on Netflix.  All I can see outside is rain.

 Edit: The Queen is dead and it's very sad.  End of an era that my life mostly covers.

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