A Day In The Life

By Irish59

Men At Work

All kinds of trucks and vehicles arrived onsite at 8am this morning. Eight guys total between City Sewer, a Water Pump Company, Excavation and Septic Tank Service. It doesn’t sound very good, does it? • Without getting into too much detail we have a septic tank but also have a pump that pushes gray water up a hill that we pay the city to take of. A week ago we thought our pump needed replacing, which it did, but it didn’t fix the problem. Then the city pulled a manhole cover and determined the pipe that our gray water flows through was disconnected. After reconnecting the pipe it was determined another section was broken a few feet away, so a 5’ hole was dug to repair it. That’s what this photo shows • When everything was repaired or replaced they pumped 80 gallons of water through the system and up the hill as a test, but it never made it • The city sewer manager just stopped by to inform the city will be replacing 140’ of pipe but it can’t be scheduled until the end of October. In the meantime the city will pay to pump our septic tank each week until the pipe that runs up the hill is replaced • What a nightmare it’s been! We’re relieved it’s being addressed so thoroughly. The city sewer manager, Douglas, has been most impressive and is great to work with • Looking forward to a quieter day tomorrow :)

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