A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Myrtle Park

Pilates was cancelled today as our teacher has a cold. I was quite relieved as I have had some problem with my eye since yesterday afternoon. No idea how it just suddenly became very painful and both my eye and nose was streaming. 
Went to the pharmacy and he suggested antihistamine eye drops and washing my eye with boiled water.
It felt a bit better after the eyewash but I’m not sure the drops did anything. Thought maybe it was just a cold but no cold symptoms this morning and my eye is improved but isn’t entirely better. It wasn’t sticky this morning so don’t think it’s conjunctivitis.

Chris had his car in for a service so we walked down to Bingley via Beckfoot Lane and Myrtle Park. There are some autumn colours developing but not as advanced as last week in the Suffolk where they have obviously had much drier conditions.

Tarquins in the park was shut so we went to the lounge for a coffee sitting outside. Not a bad day but less sunny and cooler than yesterday. A bit of shopping done and then the bus back home.

I had a hair appt this afternoon, doesn’t seem long since I was there. The next is late November, no doubt that will quickly be with us too!

Just realised I didn't add the Flickr link for our Suffolk/Sutton Hoo/Lincoln break - it's here if you want to look

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