A time for everything

By turnx3

Heading up north

Catching up on backblips from our trip to Wisconsin and Michigan

Monday October 3
Today we were heading up to Wisconsin with our camper for about ten days, where we will be joined by our daughter Laura. We were going as far as Wausau today, which is where Laura lives - about a 9 hour drive. We didn’t get off as early as we’d hoped, but we were on the road about 10.45. We just stopped for fuel, toilet stops and to change drivers - though Roger drove most of it - I’m still getting used to towing the camper! It was a beautiful day and fortunately there were no major hold ups, so we arrived in Wausau about 8.30, with the one hour time change - Wisconsin is on Central Time. We were staying in a community park campground on the edge of Wausau. Since we were arriving after dark, Laura kindly went and scouted it out for us when she got off work, as at this time of year it is self registration when you arrive, so that was very helpful. She met us at the campground, and once we had got the camper in its space, we went off in Laura’s car to get something to eat - fortunately she knew of one place that was still open at 9 pm!

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