David J. Rose

By djrose007

Garage Tidying

We've been having a good go at the garage lately, had three 'tip' runs over the past couple of weeks getting rid of the old carpets from the floors, lots of cardboard, wood, metal and general junk.
But we've also come across some treasures. One of them is my very first Mobile Phone (also blipped in 2012, 10 years ago). In the box is the Nortel 922 phone, charger, with a slot for a spare battery to be charging at the same time as the phone, or just on charge as a standby. carry case, charging unit, cable and mains adaptor to stand the phone in while charging away from the office.
I've charged all three batteries, the phone still works, not bad for a mobile phone issued to me around 1996.
I also had a full, handsfree, kit in my company car but I gave that to one of the people I used to fly out to discuss new technologies with, Adnan Tulgar, in Istanbul. 
We moved to using Nokia phones. Shame Nortel didn't continue with their mobile phone business, it was a fabulous phone, far superior than anything else in the early Mobile Phone market.
I think it was just not worth entering such a commercially competitive market when our main business was Public and Business PABX switching systems for voice and data. 
Happy times, it was a fabulous company to work with, and it's where I continued my extensive travelling after my years in Saudi.

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