By carliewired

Polluted Air

Wildfire smoke has cast
a hazy glow with our sun
this lovely fall day


I'm leaving the house late in the morning now. I need sufficient light to take my photos. This morning I was on my deck at 7:30 getting a shot of my mountains. Then, I was out the door at 8:15 and on my way to Schubert Drive Lookout. 

As I expected, I was included with the rush to work and school traffic. It is a 'seasonal disorder' for me now. I drove along Schubert Drive dodging cars, vans, bicycles, baby buggies.....The temperature had already come up to 4 C, but those in transit were dressed warmly. 

At the lookout I found a tree across a pathway. The beavers have been busy in the last few days. Branches had been removed already. No doubt the beavers will work on this for several days/nights taking off the branches that they want. I expect the city workers might clean up what's on the ground.

I looked across the river at my mountains, down the river to the city's edge and got a shot of the poles against the hazy, coloured sky. I caught two ducks along the river's shore just making their way into the river. 

I was home with a very large coffee in hand before 9 AM. I have some errands to run today and more sorting to do inside. 

We are to expect a mainly sunny day with a high of 17 C. Air quality has deteriorated to 5 (moderate risk) to give us a hazy sky with polluted air. 

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