By carliewired

73 F / 23 C

It was the perfect 
morning for a drive through the
beautiful ranchlands


Brilliant sunshine woke me up at 8 AM. It was too beautiful a morning to waste inside. I was on my way to Rose Hill. This was probably my last drive on this route until sometime next spring. 

I started from the north side of this route, making a stop at the bottom of the hill for a panoramic view over the city with Mt. Paul to the east. 

I caught a lovely doe munching her way along a fence line. She wasn't very concerned with me at all. 

Cattle are largely absent from the open range now. They would have been rounded up and moved away with some going to auction before winter. I found some grazing near the road. 

I enjoy the long views from this route. I can see over the grasslands and pastures. I catch old buildings and barns and sheds. 

I drove back into the city to make a quick stop at my car dealership to have them torque my winter tires. I picked up a late breakfast and headed for home. 

There's a little more sorting to do today and then my day is free. 

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