Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


The rain was lashing down this morning and my bedroom was cold so I was very reluctant to leave my cosy bed.  So I had a nice lie in until I really had to stir myself  to get up and get on with stuff.

Did some chores and then it was time to go to Slimming Group.  It was still raining ( in fact it rained the whole day )  but luckily I got a lift there and back from Michelle.  13 members stayed this week.  Michelle won the raffle ... all the ingredients to make roasted parsnip and halloumi soup.  Sounds tasty.  I lost another ½ pound. 

The Abstract Thursday theme is Animal so I choseTino to be my model. I did a lot of faffing to get my final image - can't even remember exactly what I did but it was fun.  Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting. ( Alternative Tino abstract in Extras... hard choose between them )

So Liz Truss resigned today.  The Conservative party are in disarray.  What a mess.

Steps today - 4,367

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