Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Al Seef

(30/10/22 I am attempting to catch up with over a week of blips. The ironing has taken a back seat for this!) :)))

So, the day started with a meeting with the landlord's rep at their office. It isn't far from where I live, so I got there and navigated my way to their reception. It turns out the lady I was supposed to meet (the meeting was set up two days ago) wasn't there. She was on a day off! Strange. I met with someone else who sat and listened to me. It seemed to be a revelation to her that the RERA rental index stated my rent can't be increased by more than 15%. Anyway, she asked me to give her a week to chat again with the landlord.

I came back home and got into the day. G had Nandi in the morning. I had a quick chat with Petra, but had to concentrate on work because I wanted to finish by 4. That done, I got to my laptop to do some more editing of pictures I took on the weekend.

We'd organised to see Diane, and just before I switched off my laptop, I checked my email to find the landlord's agent had replied by noon saying that the rent increase they are asking for remains, and this is the final notice. WOW. I was so mad. It ruined the rest of the day. Poor Diane. It was lovely to sit by the Creek, enjoy the breeze and just catch up, but I couldn't help talking about what was on my mind.

We came home realising there is a fight on our hands. I really don't want it, but I don't have a choice.

My blip has a bit of pink in it (so has the extra). Could I ask you to click on this link to help towards free mammograms?

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