An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

A little quartet..

We were all up and downstairs by 10.30am.  Ele washed the gin glasses, Agnes dried and I got breakfast started.  Bacon sarnies were the order of the day with a large pot of tea!  :-)

We ended up sitting at the kitchen table for further blethers and putting the world to rights.  Another pot of tea was required and a slice of the carrot cake Agnes brought.

They headed off at 3pm.  Probably won't see Ele again till the middle of December as we're off to Northumberland with Agnes and Adrian next Saturday for a week, and Ele and Kenny are thinking about going out to their place in Spain for 10 days on 3rd December.  

Once they were gone I did a quick tidy up then spent a pleasant hour in the studio doodling on these little watercolours I painted last week.  Afterwards I got my feet up and promptly dozed off!  Can't even blame the painkillers as I hadn't had any!  My shoulder was really sore again by bedtime last night but was much better this morning, thankfully.  

I texted Agnes to tell her she'd left her lovely new ankle boots that she was wearing last night.  Also told her I might see if they fit me!  ;-))  I'll take them to Northumberland for her next week.  

Had a pizza for tea.  We had some mozzarella in the fridge that had to be eaten by tomorrow to I put it on the pizza thinking it would jazz it up a bit.  It was still very disappointing.  Only ate half.

Settled down to watch the Strictly results.  Very disappointed by who left.  Also watched I'm a Celebrity.  Who is keeping MH and BG in there?  Both loathsome human beings!

Now it's after midnight and I really must get to bed as Kevin the painter will be here at 8am sharp, ready to paint our ensuite! 

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