One of the things I like doing, apart from Blipping, is writing - and because I write to so many people, I make my own cards, and sometimes put a verse on them to encourage the recipient.

I also give my cards away as gifts especially to older friends, so that they can write to their friends, without having to buy cards, which are so expensive and as long as I am able to do that, I will.

You all know how much I love my quotes and tend to put one at the end of every Blip, so when I heard that the friend of a friend was going into hospital for treatment, and then had to be in isolation for sometime afterwards, I decided that I would encourage her by writing some quotes onto little heart shapes and giving them to her so that she has one to read each day.  I found the little heart-shaped cards in the Wedding Section at Hobbycraft last weekend, and sat yesterday afternoon finding quotes and writing them, and what a joy that was.

I am also known, especially by the children of various friends, to whom I have written during the years they have been at university, as the one who fills her envelope with “sprinkles”.  They soon learned, and my writing is very distinctive, that before they opened anything they knew was from me, they shook the envelope and if it made the distinctive sound of “sprinkles” and believe me, they do have a sound - then they would open it very carefully otherwise the “sprinkles” would end up all over the floor and they do take some clearing up!

How true is this quote, reputedly from Nancy Reagan - I’m so glad that I find the time to write to people - when did you last write to someone to encourage them?

“I realized how valuable the art and practice 
     of writing letters are, 
          and how important it is 
to remind people 
     of what a treasure letters - 
          handwritten letters - can be. 
In our throwaway era of quick phone calls, 
     faxes, and email, it's all too easy 
          never to find the time to write letters. 
That's a great pity - 
     for historians and the rest of us.” 
Nancy Reagan 

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