Day at a Time

By Tweedy

30 Reservoir Challenge

I do a bit of volunteering for the Mamie Martin Fund. MMF is 30 this year and as a fund and/or awareness raising exercise people agree to do 30 things. Blippers who follow my journal might remember the Reservoirs of Lockdown project in 2020 and 2021. I enjoyed that so much I thought it deserved a revival so this year I'm walking 30 reservoirs and recording each one (extra - windswept). I started with a local one, Cocksburn up on Sheriffmuir. I had a lift up the hill but walked home after I'd done my circuit so I've had a good breath of air.

Bizarrely I've also elected to do 30 something elses but more of that another time. Can't have all the excitement at once.

I believe this is my 8 year blip anniversary. It's taken me a few extra days to reach my milestone because I had two short, unintentional, breaks in 2017. I'm so glad to have the record of all the time since January 2015. I enjoy the blip community very much and appreciate all the comments, hearts and stars. Thank you to everyone who visits and reads my journal and to the blip team for keeping everything running smoothly.

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