Everyday Life

By Julez

A Robin Again

I Blipped one a fortnight ago - I don't think it is the same one at least so that makes it OK! This one was singing so prettily. It sounded like that at least - I know they're pretty territorial so it was probably telling me to f**k off! The park looked pretty dingy today. No sunshine, muddy and very little colour, so the robin it has to be!

I overslept a little bit this morning and by the time I'd showered and had breakfast time was knocking on so I have not done much. 

Some of you may be aware that due to a ransomware cyber attack the Post Office is not sending international mail currently. It's been that way for at least a week. When I checked online last night it was allegedly back to normal. Still not so, according to the lady in the Post Office - they can now handle letters but not packages.

I have one to send to Texas. It's smaller than an envelope and is DNA for analysis. I want to see what cocktail of nationalities make up my bloodline. Grace was interested in doing it and requested a kit for Christmas - hers is already sent, as is the one I gave to Sophia - who will likely have more interesting results than Grace and I. I have a month in which to send it - I hope the post situation will soon be remedied!

I'd be so disappointed if it turns out I am 99.99% white British! I can imagine some would be delighted to get that result, but I want to be a good mixture. I suspect there may be some Portuguese in there and surely all Brits have some Scandinavian in them. Lincolnshire and much of the Eastern side of England was apparently settled by the Danish who were invited to help us repel the Vikings. Britain has been invaded and settled in by so many over the course of history we must all be a bit of a mixed bag anyway... You are who you are at the end of the day regardless, but it still interests me! 

My work-shifts start tonight, same nights as last week. It should be less exhausting this week as I've not had so much other stuff to do. I still have upstairs to clean but I will do that tomorrow.

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