By Marionb

If You Go Down In the Woods Today're sure of a big surprise..Well, not Teddy Bears picnicking , but lots of deer and birds munching...

After yesterday's snowfall I was pretty much snowed in until after lunch when, at last, the snow blowers arrived to clean out the driveway....It took two...(extra) but then when that was done, it meant I had no excuse not to drive down to the conservation area. Here at home, the ice on the trees and shrubs was glittering in the sun and I thought I might get some better photos of that down by the shore. 

Alas, that was a bit of a disappointment as the sun kept disappearing (!) but the deer grazing, the woodpecker pecking and all the chickadees begging for food were fun to watch. Add them to all the birds hanging out in my back yard..the doves huddling in the trees wondering when all this would end, the little sparrow in the shrubbery waiting its turn at the feeder... and all the others I couldn't capture... and they made my day!  

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