By Pinkhairedlady

Baby shower

A very early start to have enough time to walk Phin and get showered, dressed and into town to catch my 8.37 train to Inverness. The train was pretty quiet so I managed to get 4 seats to myself which gave me plenty room to spread out!

It was different to see the scenery unfold from the comfort of my seat and have the ability to stretch my legs when I felt the need.

The journey passed in a flash and my niece Joanne was waiting to pick me up. Her mum was in the back if the car with the boxes of food for the baby shower and the aroma was tantalising. We got things arranged onto trays and put the Prosecco in the fridge and had time for a wee glass of fizz before the other ladies and the guest of honour arrived.

It was a fun afternoon and we didn’t leave until after 7.30. My great brother jojbed us as his dad was heading into work at 6 and ge was a wee honey. He had his doctors set out and checked reflexes, listened for heartbeats and made notes! not bad for a 3 and a half year old.

Got checked in to my hotel ok and cane back out to meet my brother and his partner who were at a 60th birthday dinner. The birthday girl was happy for me to join them for a drink to celebrate with them which was lovely. As they were finished eating we headed to a local pub to see a Johnny Cash tribute act. He was fabulous and we ladies enjoyed a few wee dances (to the bemusement of the other patrons I’m sure).

Made it back to my room around 11.30 and was in no fit state to blip, hence back blipping on Sunday.

A huge thank you to all you lovely blippers as your comments, stars and hearts have pushed me to the front page of popular. I’m very touched and honoured.

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