Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

The ascent of Mt Sugarrock

It was drumming this morning and I have signed up for two performances at the Newy show in a weeks time.  All will be well if they put me in the back where no one can see me.

Aside from that, not much has been achieved, it's been another hot day and a heatwave is predicted for the weekend.  To cool off we have been watching the tinies doing their ascent of Mt Sugarrock where by some miracle there appears to have been a snowfall. 

Thanks again to everyone who joined in this weeks WW.  I can report normal service will resume with Bob back hosting next week.

Hearts in no particular order went to the following:

Wide Wednesday - LesTension
Snowdrop week - Mambo
The Exted Valley - Janet Mayes
Continental Pool - serious frolic
Looking Down - Rainie

HMs to the following

Looking down - Frani
Ladies - SueJay50
Looking down - Mayisle
Thanks goodness for the Brayford Trust - Linxpix
Looking down the loch - Larchlea

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