Had a busy day.  Ive hoovered, tidied, ironed and done some of my packing.  Didn't go to Slimming Club as I had somewhere better to go.

I went to The Metrocentre to see local singer/songwriter Geoff Mull perform.  I became aware of him during lockdown when he started posting videos on Youtube.  I follow him on Facebook and when he announced he would be appearing at the Metrocentre this evening it was something I didn't want to miss.

His set started at 7.30pm on the stage in Exhibition Square near Primark.  The childrens half term show The MetroGnomes Storytime Madness had finished around 7pm so Geoff performed with the same background they had. The actual stage is not very high and a lot of the audience were standing up in front of it  so it wasn;t easy to get a good photo.  This one is the best of the bunch.  I really enjoyed lisstening to Geoff - he has a great voice. He sang seven songs - one cover and six he had written himself.  HERE is a link to hear him for youirself if you want to,

The show lasted around half an hour.  I had just missed a bus home and  it was a 50 min wait till the next one.  Luckily the shops were still open so I had a wander into Wilkinsons and T K Maxx.  Didn't buy anything.

Still got to finish my packing so I won't have time for comments this evening.  Will try and catch up tomorrow..... when Im in London.

Steps today - 9,407

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