Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


I have loved this view for as long as we've lived here.  Slowly over the years, the barn has fallen further and further into disrepair and I supposed it will eventually collapse.  But for now, it has a strange appeal to it.  It was on my mind to photograph this all morning so after yoga, I loaded Jax into the car and drove over.  By then the skies were gloomy and a few sprinkles were coming down so the photos looked kind of flat to me.  But thanks to the miracles of editing, I think I've made this look a little more interesting.  

Jax was predictably worn out after his day of play yesterday so he slept pretty much all morning.  That gave me some time to dive deeper into why my external drive won't back up to Carbonite.  Still can't figure it out to be honest which means I will need to (yet again) get on the phone with their help desk.  I think I will go out and get another 5TB drive so at least I can do a manual back up.  Makes me very nervous to have all those photos no backed up.  You know what they say about external drives - it's not if, it's when they fail!  

The forecast for tonight is for 3-6 inches of wet snow.  It seems like all of our snow is coming in March this year which is a good news/bad news kind of thing.  Good because the earth is warming and the snow tends to melt fast; bad because it's always a wet, heavy snow which is a giant pain to shovel and blow.  

Today I saw a Brown Creeper (bird, not some strange guy) on one of the trees at the edge of our woods.  This is only the second time I have ever seen one on our property so kind of exciting.  I actually thought I might have seen one a couple of days ago but it was gone before I could get a good enough look - so maybe it's a male getting ready to set up territory.  That would be fun.  No pictures, alas.  

Well, Jax appears to be awake and bored, so I'm going to take him down to the basement and do some Nosework.  

I think it will be dark with ginger today.


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