76 F

It's been a day to
run errands and find a few
surprises - all good!


I have one week before departure so I'm making my list and trying to get everything organized ahead of time. I'd like my departure to be relatively stress-free. 

The prickly pear cactus by my mailbox is blooming today. It has my favourite cactus flower. 

My first stop was my bank. When I came out there was a car parked beside me with the most amazing valve caps. They were made with some kind of 'bling' so they shone like little Christmas lights in the sun. The young man in the car was very happy to tell me that he found them on Amazon and showed me other shiny additions that he'd put on his dashboard. Wow! What next?

I drove over to the nearest shopping centre where I discovered for myself a frozen yogurt shop. One fills a paper cup from many choices of frozen yogurt, then one chooses from a huge assortment of extras to add on top - fruit, nuts, chocolate, cookie crumbles, chocolate bar pieces....I was astounded at the selection. One pays by weight at the checkout where they hand you your spoon. I must go back! 

I picked up the paint for my house. I'd forgotten how expensive this stuff is. I found some graphite, finally, so I will collect all my padlocks for treatment. 

My last stop was my favourite hamburger place. I got my burger, fries and root beer and headed for home. 

I'm in my recliner for the rest of the day. It's feet up and watching reruns of "Blue Murder". 

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