Brian's Bits

By Kanyl

A. B. C. ?

Alice.  Biochar.  Coffee.  

Some years ago now I wondered about Alice.  "We" still haven't been to the 2-3 spots she liked.   Except "home".

Shortly after "the Event" I discovered that what you get it indistinguishable from the "Bone Meal" you'd buy at a Garden centre.  I did a survey of my online "friends"  who were massively in favour, with, as I recall it being "passed nem con" that Alice could help me in and around the garden as well as 1-2 local sites.  (Are things still "passed nem con" or is it WAY too archaic?)

Since I got a Christmas gift voucher from LA & S and had heard of Biochar and hadn't spent all voucher I thought "Well Y knot?"  Another Christmas article was spent Coffee Grounds, also allegedly good for gardens.

I have a few "nearly-raised" Beds about a mtr Sq. so I can have 3 X 1' strips ant compare the efficacy of Alice's help Vs. Biochar Vs. Coffee on my Garlic crop.

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