My day

By 59

Mono Monday

The challenge today is ‘from your window’. There isn’t much of interest from any other window as it was a bleak, wet day with heavy cloud. This is through my pretty front door.

I have a real mindset against my new (year old) camera. It is not intuitive. So I have set myself a challenge of looking up the manual and trying even the simplest things I could do with my eyes shut on the old camera. 

While I was on setting myself goals I included playing the piano for 10 minutes. It’s hardly been touched for a year as my sciatica seemed to play up and it was uncomfortable. An hour quickly passed by and I hadn’t forgotten everything I knew. I did 17 new easy songs I haven’t seen before - sight reading. Then I played a couple of more challenging ones. I’m already looking forward to my piano time tomorrow. Otherwise I did some resistance exercise (I’m not good but need to practice), visited the neighbour and had a quick walk in between the rain (and storms). That filled up my day well. 

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