Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

In need

It was rather a beautiful day on the whole, but I felt the need to blip a person for my journal today.  I've slightly neglected human faces recently - so swept up by spring doings - but I do like to remember I'm surrounded by people, not just birds and wildflowers ;)

I found this poor lass sitting in a doorway under the Pentice.  Some bloke had just told her she shouldn't be there as the door was a fire exit but I doubt there was anyone behind it!  She was in tears.  I talked to her a bit about her circs and went up to the bank to get a little cash which I gave her.  I then asked if she'd let me have a shot and she did.  She said she was happy to and gave me this lovely smile, but oh, what a very sad face!

Its a portrait I'm pleased with - and there's a mass of sun forecast for tomorrow - though in fact it's the day I have my student gardener coming.  Maybe I'll get to the reserve early.  That will be a treat!

Have a brilliant Easter break, dear folks  xx

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