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By walkingMarj

Citroën Day at The Crown

I've had a busy day. 

This morning was spent with a bit of light tidying up before I went to collect the other Marjorie from Hexham.

She has terrible back pain from scoliosis and can't drive because of it. I made a Sunday lunch with pork in plum sauce (courtesy of Waitrose). We both liked it.

I also had another go with the new air fryer and cooked roast potatoes, roast carrots and parsnips. All successful I'm pleased to say.

M and I had a good long chat and tried to sort out a few problems on the way.

After I took her home, I called to see Kate, Jenny and Dennis. Kate had a document that needed to be scanned but could not make the scanner work after moving computer et al into a downstairs room for her Mum. The wifi was off.

No problem says I, because the scanner was connected to the computer by a cable.

The real problem (no 1) came when we tried to scan it. It was on legal document paper and the scanner could not include all the text.

I brought it home to scan on my machine. That's when problem (no 2) arose. The computer said NO! The computer said that the scanner was offline. It wasn't. After a lot of faffing on and discovering that the printer is no longer supported etc, I connected it by cable. Then I was able to scan the document.

Time for bed............ but Oscar is still out. Daisy is waiting for him beside the cat flap. Sweet.

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