Marjorie's ramblings

By walkingMarj

Embroidery class

At various times in the week people with embroidery sit in this seat and work while they talk to Mum. They sometimes needs advice about stitches and techniques. She loves being back in teacher mode (does she ever leave it, I ask?).

I had a plan today to go to Gowk Bank with Margret (next door) but we did not have enough time while there was a carer here. We had to abandon the plan. Instead, I went in to Hexham for a few bits and bobs. I managed to negotiate the new one way system which has been causing a lot of grief.

This afternoon I watched a recorded Zoom presentation on Street Photography, but I fell asleep and will need to pick up where I dropped off!

I also saw some tennis. I was wowed by Chris Eubank who was very entertaining. (Can't be easy being his opponent.) Later I saw part of the Alcaraz match whilst watching a presentation on Mono Landscapes. I decided that the tennis was preferable to left the other for now.

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