By Lizimagiz

A Grey Day After Golden Days

Dawn today was a real let-down after the very interesting skies of the last few days. I loved being up on the Wither Hills and having the chance to photograph the golden light on the land.
There was no chance of a trek up the Wither Hills this morning but the dogs relished the opportunity for a pre-dawn walk up the Taylor River.
It was not cold but very cloudy and dull. The rain started to fall lightly before we got back to the vehicle and has continued all day.
We expect to have snow down to 400 metres in North Canterbury and Marlborough and it certainly feels cold enough.
The southerly has been blowing all around the house and the rain is drumming on the windows. We can't hear it on our roof as it is covered with concrete tiles. Any house we have in the future must have a tin roof.
As child I loved hearing the rain on the roof of our family home. It was heaven lying tucked up safe and warm in bed with a storm raging outside.
I had a small camera with me on our walk this morning and so I captured this shot of the river and surrounds. It looks dull and flat after my trips up on the Withers! Never mind, the weather is forecasted to clear overnight and there may be a chance to capture snow covered mountains in the morning. Here's hoping!

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