Lost in Thought

By steveng

Meanwhile, behind the church and WidWed Results

Finally made a start on repairing the ride on mower - which I'll be needing soon as the grass is still growing!

Much ado about socket sets (most of my metric sockets are in our son's storage) and I had to get help - but we appear to be winning. 
The part of a circle toothy bit (Quadrant) was reluctant to be removed, God has clearly realised that I like a challenge :-)

Wide Wednesday Results - great entries again!

Favourites to:
Carpe Diem – Maureen 6002  - a great illustration of the phrase.
Mighty Oaks – Nicoiseannie – and some background on the origin.
Cash is King – SeriousFrolic – many of us will know the story here.
Teddy’s Foot in the Door – Miranda1008 – Winchester’s answer to …
It Never Rains – Fitzbilly – although clearly it does!

Honourable Mentions to:

No Man is an Island – Freespiral – although this island is home to just 10
Every Dog has its Day – Lesmark – although the owner does not look keen!
A Picture is Worth 1000 Words – Larchlea – see the rainbow in the extra too
An Apple a Day – Dollydoug – and more background on the origin
Give a Man a Fish – 60plus – includes an Admiral Collingwood reference

I’d also like to give special mentions to a family of blippers for their great cooperative efforts
TebaHanulli and H0tamer with three sayings from Germany, England & Holland

Thanks to everyone who entered, as ever, just my opinion!   Don’t forget Bob is happy to have volunteers to host so have a go if you would have chosen differently.

Next week (and my last) the (optional)  theme is the changing seasons Summer to Autumn for us in the North, Winter to Spring in the south, or any interpretation you want to go with?

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