An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Afternoon tea for three...

As ever, a visit from my lovely pal LeeAnne is always a pleasure, but even more so when she brings another blipper with her :-) and today I finally got to meet Lady Findhorn

We did attend LeeAnne's 50th birthday extravaganza back in April but somehow managed to miss each other.  Anyhoo that has been rectified and I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon of chat and laughter.  The only thing I'm annoyed about is not getting a photo of the three of us together but we were too busy eating and blethering and D was busy keeping Lola under control as she took a real shine to LadyF and at one point tried to sit on her knee!  Oh Lola!  

Oh well, we'll just have to get a trio shot when we next get together :-))

D's mind is now turning to his Spanish golf trip.  New golf shorts arrived today.  The temps where he's going will be around 24-27 degrees.  Very pleasant.  I'm scared to look at the temps here!

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