There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

The Last Outdoor Days of the Dancing Girls

It's been one heck of a nice fall, if you ask me. October just couldn't be beat. We went everywhere, did everything, SAW everything. And it was beautiful. And then November brought us mild weather that was delightful for outdoor lovers.

But all good things must come to an end, and with chilly temps on tap again for overnight, it was time to bring the Dancing Girls (fuchsia) and the two osteospermum plants inside. Actually, we've been bringing them in at night for a while now. When the afternoons are warm enough, we take them back out to get some sunny outdoor time in the yard.

The pink flamingos will be coming in too, because they are made of cheap plastic that will become brittle when they get really cold. (Hey, what do you expect? They came from the dollar store!) Also, as exotic creatures, they shun our northern winters' ice and snow.

So in this scene, it's yet another nice afternoon, and everyone is having a good time in the sun. The Dancing Girls are dancing. The flamingos are doing the flamenco. But in a few hours, they will all come in from the cold.

Our soundtrack song is Joni Mitchell, with Come In From the Cold.

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