By Teasel


We slept in.  BB was first up, which is what woke me up I think.  I looked at eh clock and realise he had to be at rugby training and we had fifteen minutes to get out of the house.  In the end he was fifteen minutes late, but not last.  Thank goodness they do a trainings session first.  He headed off and I went for a wander around Musselburgh.  It was a nice morning, sunny and still and relatively mild for the time of year.  I had a good wander and ended up back at the pitches, where the game had just started.  I spent a lot of time chatting to a friend on the touchline, but we did watch the match and the lads had a great game.  BB scored an amazing try.  I couldn’t quite believe what he did, but it was reinforced by a dad standing nearby (who I don’t know), who was in awe of it.  A proud parent moment!
We headed back home, BB had a quick shower and got himself ready for football.  He grabbed some lunch and TT dropped him off.  He then came back for lunch and then headed back out to watcht the football, while I went for a walk and ended up at the football.  There were a few glum faces when I rocked up, and the parents just wanted it to be over.  They lost – the first league game they have lost this season.    At least BB had his rugby glory to reflect on.
We couldn’t be bothered cooking, so had an Indian takeaway for tea.  We all really enjoyed it.  It felt like a real treat as we haven’t had one for ages.  Later we watched a movie.
I think I have only blipped the Musselburgh Archer, once before – a rear view.  This is what he looks like from the front!

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