The accidental finding

By woodpeckers

Llandudno pier

After approximately eight weeks of waiting, I have finally arrived in Llandudno. V and I took the bus to Gloucester (coincidentally, S and E were on it too, going to the dentist) then picked up a coach. 

Arrived around 3.30pm. V and I went out to check out the town. V is excited because there are many shops. I just like looking for weird junk in charity shops. We hung out on town for a while, then walked along the pier until we realised we had to get back for dinner. 

Rushed back to change, had dinner (three courses). Waited a long time afterwards in the big room for quiz answers and bingo to start. Screwed up on the bingo. Oops. 

Music started: a sax player. He was good, but I couldn't stand sitting still any more so I went up to my room to drink coffee and hang out with the TV. V went off to her own room.Mine's good: it's got a sea-view and is located in a very quiet corner of the hotel.  All to the good: I love my quiet times away. 

Not sure what the plan is for tomorrow, apart from the Home front museum. Much depends on the weather. 

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