By carliewired

70 F/ 21 C

We're in a cooling
trend once more with summer heat
abated for now


I was up at 4 closing doors and windows as the weather has made a big change overnight. The sky looked threatening so I rolled back into bed. I'm hoping that lightning is not included in our forecast. Too much is dry already. 

I left the house just before 7. Rain is a good prospect and we sorely need it. I arrived in McArthur Island Park just as the clouds burst. I rolled past the Butterfly Garden which is just starting to show some blooms. I got a shot of the poppies coming on and the iris bed out my side window with the rain dripping into my car.

I walked across the foot bridge when the rain stopped to get a shot of my mountains. 

I drove on to the south side where I found several marmots scurrying about near the river's edge. One looked to be having a bad hair day. 

I was pleased to see water on the east edge of the slough. It's been dry for so long. With the river rising during these warm days we've just had, water has come back into this side. The ducks and geese are already making good use of it. 

I'm home today and hoping for a quiet time.

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