By carliewired

77 F/ 25 C

Having the park all
to myself is such a treat!
Morning is the time


I was in Riverside Park standing on the pier at 6 AM. The sun was ahead of me this morning. My photo of my mountains is more sun glare than image. The river has no sandbars left since the water started to rise. It now looks deep and wide. I took a look in all directions. 

In spite of our water restrictions already in place, the city uses water on a daily basis. I'm walking through puddles in the parks each day. It seemed odd to see the landscape bejeweled as the morning sun was caught in the water droplets. 

It is so lovely to see flowers blooming in the park. I was surprised to find mushrooms erupting at the base of a tree very close to the children's playground. I would have thought that city staff would have them removed as a safety precaution. 

I had no luck catching a squirrel this morning. There were many scampering about but each shot is just a blurr. I had better luck with the Canada geese patrolling in the park. They ignored me for the most part. 

I'm home today with more paperwork and a trip to the post office at some point. 

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