By carliewired

67 F/ 19 C

It is a morning
of sun and cloud but there are
no eagles to see


I was a bit of a slug this morning until I saw some sunshine in the valley. That spurred me on to get out the door with my camera. I drove off to Mission Flats at 6:30 to look for an eagle. 

There was already too much traffic for me to contend with. It all seems like a road rally to me. I guess people are rushing off to work, but I'd prefer to be out earlier when the roads are really quiet. 

I drove to the end of Mission Flats Road to take a panorama of the delta. The river is looking full. While there, I spied an osprey on a pole near the nest. I was really taxing my telephoto lens and my shaky hands for that shot. 

I turned for home,  stopping under the trees along the river that often serve as lookout posts for eagles. Sadly, none were there this morning. Then, I drove on to get a shot of my mountains looking across Rabbit Island and the Thompson River. Two mallards drifted by me on the river. 

I'm in for the day now. It will be back to the paperwork. 

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